Wednesday, December 28, 2005


It seems like I'm coming back to tango. I really enjoyed dancing yesterday. On Tuesdays there's a "Practica-X", mentioned on the tango map, which you can find pretty much at every Milonga. Mostly it's a young crowd of dancers, nuevo oriented, mix of foreigners and argentines, and the music is nice with some alternative pieces in the end. Well, I had a really good time there, was asked to dance a lot, and for the first time in BsAs enjoyed tango again like I did before in Oregon.

Also yesterday I tried my new shoes I bought for practicas - and they're great! Shoes and dancing are like a horse and carriage - they have to be carefully put together. Well, my new pair of sneakers is very comfortable, light and very well done. I bought them at the place called "Tango Brujo", they also sell very nicely designed clothes for tango practice, very comfortable (maybe a bit too fancy for my taste). From what I've heard "Tango Brujo" is the best place to get shoes for practice. And the selection is amazing! Different styles, colors, materials - you can choose something for your taste and purpose.

While trying on few different pairs of shoes, I talked to the girl about the business. They have a little factory, not in the same building, and eight old shoemakers (only men of course) work there. They have a diffficult time adjusting to the modern demands (sneakers for instance), because they are classically-trained professionals.

My neck still hurts from the plane, and and from the unhealthy life in Russia. Yesterday I decided to fight my laziness and take care of myself. So I went to yoga at "DNI studio" - a beautiful place! It's an old building, full of light and air, with huge windows, a lot of nice rooms for classes, little inner gardens and a very friendly atmosphere. Yoga costs only $10 and the teacher is amazing!! I feel much better today!

Spanish classes are next -- so I won't feel like an idiot when people ask my name.


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